Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

Liquid Membrane WaterProofing

Moisture and humidity know very well to find its way and seep into the interiors of the place and cause significant damage. Therefore, it is very important to waterproof your home or building from all the possible damage. If not done, it can become a great risk for the structure and foundation of the building. Not only building but it can also create the health problems for the occupants. Moreover, it also develops a musty smell that can increases difficulty for the people living in it.

liquid Waterproofing In Mumbai

Apart from waterproofing, Membrane waterproofing is also a good option to prevent all these problems. A waterproofing membrane is a thin layer used to stop water from contacting another material which is placed over. We offer waterproof by membrane in Mumbai which is made from different material and available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Where are membranes used?

  • Underneath And Around Basements
  • Toilets
  • Over Terrace Slabs And Balconies
  • Swimming Pools
  • Gutters
  • Concrete Water Tanks

Also, Membrane waterproofing in Mumbai is used for many other applications such as covering concrete while it is being formed to prevent water from compromising the structural integrity of the concrete or coated on products that are immersed underwater where the corrosion is the main concern.